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Sweet potato decorating compote, for example. But this recipe was definitely inspired by a real potato recipe I had made several years before. Here it is.

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And you know what? I could totally squeeze in enough stuff for kids to not really feel hungry, so maybe this would fill them up and keep them happy while they are eating the potluck.

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Paul kennedy swings and misses in the early innings on the first day of the season, giving up two runs on three hits and eight walks in 5-for-45 passing. The Braves will try to pick up their first victory with an appearance from pitcher Dan Straily.

Bryan Mitchell is making his second start of the season for the Braves this time with an eighth inning shutout. The lefty allowed just one base runner in his second appearance for Atlanta this season. He had three hits, five walks and three strikeouts in his previous eight games.

Ryan Braun's first career triple and one-run homer helped the Milwaukee Brewers overcome a 1-for-30 night with a 6-5 win at Washington on Friday night at Busch Stadium. The slugger has a pair of triples in his last three games. The Brewers will try to build a winning streak with a visit from the Nationals in the NLDS on Saturday.

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